Sweep not sweet

With the Blue Jays already suffering their first sweep of the season on Sunday, it really puts into perspective just how special the 1992 campaign really was for Toronto. That Blue Jay ball club, which of course went on to capture Toronto’s first ever World Series title, played the entire 162-game schedule without being swept in a single series. Sure, they had several near-misses; but not one team managed to seal the deal. Only five other clubs had accomplished that same feat in major-league history:

New York Giants — 1904
Philadelphia Athletics — 1905
Chicago Cubs — 1910
Cleveland Indians — 1921
St. Louis Cardinals — 1943

With it being only April 22, this certainly does not bode well for the current team’s chances. The ’92 team was also 14-4 after their first 18 games — compared to the current club’s 8-10 mark.

The struggling Blue Jays lose their fifth straight, and fall into fourth place in the AL East … Gustavo Chacin cruises through three before being hit with a trio of fourth-inning runs … The Orioles plate four more in the fifth en route to the 7-3 victory in front of a disappointing Sunday afternoon crowd of 27,285. Someone needs to tell the Baltimore folk that the O’s play in one of the most beautiful parks in all of baseball … Aaron Hill collects his third homer of the season, a mark he didn’t reach until Sept. 2 last year … It doesn’t get any easier for the Jays, as they will face Wakefield’s wacky knuckleball tomorrow at Fenway Park …

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