Support for Doc?

Scoring runs has been sort of an ongoing issue for the Blue Jays’ offense when it comes to supporting their ace, Roy Halladay. Even the best pitcher in the game needs run support if he’s going to win 20 games. And that has been an issue in the past for the Jays, as Halladay has been denied his share of wins over the last few years.

In 2009, however, that didn’t seem to be a problem – at least, not right away. Through Halladay’s first nine starts, for example, the Jays’ offense scored a total of 68 runs, or 7.6 per contest. In the process, Doc cruised to an 8-1 record.

Unfortunately, the story has been quite the opposite more recently. Since June 12, the Jays’ offense has managed just 21 runs in Halladay’s last eight starts. That’s a dismal 2.6 runs per contest. As a result, Doc has posted a record of 1-4 during that span.

Tuesday night was no different. Though Halladay made some rare mistakes, the Jays still only managed to score three runs in support of their ace in a 5-3 loss to the visiting Yankees at Rogers Centre.

For the year, Halladay has now received 109 runs from his offense in 21 starts, which works out to 5.2 runs of support per contest. Interestingly enough, this is actually right in line with the other four hurlers who have made the most starts for the Jays this season. Here’s a look (R/G = runs per game) …

Scott Richmond – 5.4 R/G (14 starts, 75 runs)
Roy Halladay – 5.2 R/G (21 starts, 109 runs)
Ricky Romero – 5.2 R/G (17 starts, 89 runs)
Brian Tallet – 5.1 R/G (18 starts, 92 runs)
Brett Cecil – 5.1 R/G (11 starts, 56 runs)


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