Quote of the day

Yesterday, Joe Carter took some time out of his busy golf-filled retirement to chat with Jays fans on mlb.com as sort of a buildup to the 1992-93 back-to-back championship reunion set for early August.

Here’s my favourite Q&A from the session …

wellar14: Is it true that you and “Wild Thing” (Mitch Williams) played a game of pool after the World Series game?

Carter: Not right after the World Series game we didn’t. But in 1998 we went bowling at Mitch’s alley, and I won. We also played pool after, and I won that too!

Poor Mitch.

But Williams is doing just fine. Even shortly after the infamous homer he had this to say: “Don’t expect me to curl up and hide from people because I gave up a home run in the World Series. Life’s a bitch. I could be digging ditches. I’m not.”

He’s gone on to enjoy a number of different broadcasting gigs following his retirement from the big leagues, and he’s currently a studio amalyst for MLB Network. It’s certainly been an easier road for Williams than it was for Buckner, that’s for sure.

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