Gillick driving ship?

ESPN’s Peter Gammons mentioned in a piece today “there were three Dodgers scouts in Toronto on Sunday, along with Pat Gillick from the Phillies, Gord Ash from the Brewers and a Red Sox delegation.”

The Phillies appear to be the frontrunner to land Roy Halladay (if he’s actually dealt before the July 31 trade deadline). If so, the Blue Jays would likely land some combination of the following Philly prospects: Michael Taylor, Kyle Drabek, Dominic Brown and Jason Knapp.

Gammons adds that, assuming Halladay was dealt, “one could argue that the Phillies have a chance to win three straight World Series.” This, since they would have Halladay under contract for 2010 also. However, an unnamed GM apparently told Gammons the following: “The general feeling is that he won’t be traded. The Phillies are the only reasonable expectation, but the way [the NL East] has folded, they know they’re going to win the division.”

Now hold on just a second. This reminded us of an excerpt from Diamond Dreams: 20 Years of Blue Jays Baseball (authored by Stephen Brunt).

Concerning the Jays’ late-season acquisition of David Cone in 1992, Brunt wrote: “By acquiring Cone, Gillick [who was, of course, the Jays’ GM at the time] sent a message to his players. Already they had one of the highest payrolls in the majors, but they were willing to spend more if it was necessary to get to a championship. Already they had what appeared to be a pitching staff capable of winning the American League East, but the Jays’ management and ownership clearly aspired to something greater.”

The result was the first ever World Series title for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Brunt called Gillick’s acquisition of Cone “the deal of his life.”

“Of all Gillick’s late-season acquisitions, Cone was the one who most suggested his mastery of the business. Other teams could have traded for him, should have traded for him. But it was Gillick who landed him.”

Now, we know that Gillick no longer holds the GM title in Philadelphia (instead, he’s an ‘advisor’). But we can’t help but think Gillick is at the helm for the Halladay sweepstakes – especially since the dealings are with his former team.

So, perhaps that unnamed GM is right. Perhaps the Phillies already know they’re going to win the division (now that they’ve run off eight wins in a row).

Or perhaps Phillies’ management and ownership aspires to something greater. Perhaps, as Gammons mentioned, the Phils are shooting for three straight World Series titles.

It’s hard to think of a better pitcher to lead the way towards that goal than Roy Halladay.


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  1. James Says:

    Nice post!

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