Extra, extra!

Adam Lind has put up all-star calibre numbers this year for the Toronto Blue Jays. He may have come up short in the ‘Final Vote’, but he was certainly deserving of a midsummer classic appearance.

Perhaps his most impressive offensive stat this year is his extra-base hit total. Entering the season’s second half Friday, Lind led the American League with 46 extra-base hits (27 doubles and 19 home runs). And he maintained that lead tonight (on his 26th birthday) with a fourth-inning double off Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz. The way he did it was equally as impressive as the league lead itself.

Like he has done all year, Lind worked the count during his fourth inning at-bat. Following a ball and a called strike, the birthday boy swung through a pitch for strike two. Then, as he has done all season, he drove the opposing pitcher crazy (in this case Buchholz), by fouling off four straight pitches. A ball followed to put the count at two-and-two. And then Lind won the battle on the ninth pitch of the at-bat – on Buchholz’s signature out pitch, no less: the changeup. The result was a double to centre — his team-leading 28th double of the season.

Now to the bad news … Lind finished 1-for-4 on the night, the Blue Jays managed just five hits overall and were outscored 4-1 for the loss – their sixth out of the last seven (and ninth out of the last 11). Overall record? 44-47.


One Response to “Extra, extra!”

  1. eyebleaf Says:

    Lind’s been one of the few bright spots this year…

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