Reversal of fortunes

It doesn’t seem like that long ago.

Back on May 18, the Toronto Blue Jays were on top of the world. Well, more specifically, they were on top of the AL East — three and a half games ahead of the Red Sox, to be exact.

At 27-14, they had fashioned wins in all sorts of different ways. But one thing that stood out was their record in close games – they posted a 9-3 mark in one-run games during that hot start.

A lot has changed since then. Another loss to the Orioles Sunday left the Blue Jays with a 44-46 record heading into the all-star break. And just as they found different ways to win early in the year, they’ve found all sorts of ways to lose since then. But it’s been the close games that have stood out once again.

Since that 27-14 start, the Jays have gone a disappointing 2-12 in one-run games. In games decided by two runs or less, they’ve gone 6-19. That trend has never been more apparent than over the last two weeks. Including Sunday’s game, each of Toronto’s last 10 contests has been decided by two runs or fewer (in other words, every game on the road trip). Unfortunately, they went 2-8 during that span.

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