Jays get NL monkey off their backs

Time got away from me today, and as such, I will be unable to offer anything of substance Jays-related – except to note that the boys in blue won their first Interleague game of the season, 8-3, in come-from-behind fashion over the Philadelphia Phillies tonight.

The bad news for The 500 Level? This brings to an end a 56-day blog posting streak that dates back to April 21. Sure, I’m posting something, but I can’t in all good conscience count this towards the streak. So with that, I’ll begin anew tomorrow.

But I will leave you with a quote I’ve always found funny from Joe DiMaggio himself, the man who set one of baseball’s most cherished records by hitting safely in 56 straight games back in 1941. Apparently, the cab driver who drove DiMaggio to the ballpark in Cleveland back on July 17, 1941, told the Yankee Clipper that his streak would end that day. As it turned out, he was right.

They met again years later and DiMaggio had this to say …

“Now, this is over 30 years later. And the guy said he was that cab driver. He apologized and he was serious. I felt awful. He might have been spending his whole life thinking he had jinxed me. But I told him he hadn’t. My number was up.”

Catch you tomorrow …

5 Responses to “Jays get NL monkey off their backs”

  1. Jay B Says:

    that’s a cool story…

    here’s a great quote i read yesterday from tim mccarver…he’s awful, so when he spews something of wit or value, it needs to be noted…

    while discussing ibanez’s ridiculous season, and the #s he’s on pace to put up, mccarver said something to this effect:

    “ya, i don’t really buy in to these projections and pro-rated numbers, cause hey, as of right now, i’m on pace to live forever!”

    i’m sure he heard that from someone else, and then killed and buried that person and anyone that ever knew he said that, but since i can’t prove any of that, i’ll have to give him the credit for that little pearl…

  2. TD Says:

    Hahahaha. That’s a good one.

  3. James Says:

    An update is an update. I say the streak lives!

  4. TD Says:

    Hahaha. Should I now take aim at Ripken’s 2,632 consecutive games played streak?

  5. James Says:

    I say aim for 100.

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