Is it over?

Despite losing two in a row (2-1, 8-3, respectively) to the Red Sox on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Toronto Blue Jays still entered Thursday night’s series finale atop the American League in a number of offensive categories.

After 43 games, the Jays were first in runs (238), hits (441), doubles (96), RBI (225), total bases (703) and batting average (.287). Not too shabby. And they managed another 11 hits Thursday night against the Red Sox. The only problem was that translated into just one run.

One run isn’t going to win you too many ballgames.

Thursday’s inefficient offensive output was eerily similar to Wednesday’s, in which the Jays scored only three runs on 14 hits. Toronto went just 2-for-12 with runners in scoring position in that game, leaving 11 men stranded. As for Thursday night? 1-for-7 with runners in scoring position, and 12 men stranded.

Doing the math … that makes the Jays’ high-octane offense just 3-for-19 with RISP over the last two games, while leaving 23 men on base during those contests. In terms of runners left on base on an individual basis? 43. Adam Lind himself went 1-for-9 and left 10 men on.  

Tomorrow’s papers will be filled with stories about how the Blue Jays have met their match when it comes to the beasts of the AL East. Perhaps their record isn’t truly indicative of their talents this year. After all, they’ve now gone 1-5 combined in two series against the Yanks and Sox.

The jury’s still out on that one. But what’s certain is this: they’ll be overmatched against anyone if they put up those kinds of numbers with runners in scoring position.

So, the Blue Jays have suffered their first sweep of the season. Critics will say it’s over. The cinderella season is already done. ‘Believers’ might say, “listen, we threw a pair of youngsters out there at Fenway and none of our three starters were named Halladay.”

It’s still May, and it’s a long season. But this could definitely mark a turning point for Toronto. Will that be a negative turning point or a positive one? Will the Jays fold quickly or pick themselves up and play better baseball?

The answer may lie in a three-game set in Atlanta …

One Response to “Is it over?”

  1. Craig Grebeck Says:

    We need a power hitter….

    We have many good hitters, but no scary bat in the lineup. We need a guy pitchers actually fear facing so the guys in front of him see better pitches and the guys behind him have more rbi opps because he’ll get walked a fair bit.

    Can you list the names you think might be available position restrictions aside. We could always throw Lind in left again and “player X” could DH…. I mean Manny played left in Boston for how many years. Our D is solid enough on the whole to have him there.

    Give me some names you believe COULD be available that you think fit the role I’m describing

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