The 500 Level currently enjoys a 28-day posting streak following blogging action Monday. In light of this streak, it’s only fitting that we take a moment today to look back at the longest hitting streak in Blue Jays franchise history (which also stands at 28 games).

And who’s the owner of that mark?

It’s not Vernon Wells, though that would be a good guess. Now 30, Wells set a franchise record for hits in a single season back in 2003 when he compiled 215 to lead the majors. His longest streak, though, was 20 games. Interestingly enough, two other Blue Jays hitters achieved identical 20-game hit streaks that same year (Reed Johnson and Mike Bordick).

It’s not John Olerud either — though he did hold it for a time. As a 25-year-old in 1993, Olerud, who flirted with .400 into August that season, finished with a league-leading .363 average – still the Jays’ franchise high. His longest hit streak that year was 26 games. At the time, it was the longest in team history, besting George Bell’s 1989 mark of 22 games.

But Olerud’s mark was wiped out in 1999 by outfielder Shawn Green. A 26-year-old that year, Green made a run from June 29 to July 31, hitting safely in 28 straight games while batting .366 (41-for-112) during that span.

Little did Green know, his record would almost fall just one month later. In fact, the following day, Aug. 1, teammate Shannon Stewart started his own streak. The Blue Jay outfielder went streaking from Aug. 1–29, batting .342 (39-for-114) during that stretch. But, alas, he would fall two games short. Here’s a look at the list (those with 20-plus gamers) …

Shawn Green – 28 games (1999)
John Olerud – 26 games (1993)
Shannon Stewart – 26 games (1999)
George Bell – 22 games (1989)
Carlos Delgado – 22 games (2000)
Damaso Garcia – 21 games (1983)
Lloyd Moseby – 21 games (1983)
Dave Martinez – 21 games (2000)
Damaso Garcia – 20 games (1982)
Vernon Wells – 20 games (2003)
Mike Bordick – 20 games (2003)
Reed Johnson – 20 games (2003)

2 Responses to “28”

  1. erinalbert Says:

    Shawn Green was always my (and my grandmother’s) favourite. Now I have a legitimate reason for that!

  2. eyebleaf Says:

    I love a good hitting streak. Giggity.

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