Burnett vs. Halladay

It would have been perfectly normal, at some point, for any Blue Jay fan in attendance at the Rogers Centre Tuesday night to ask themselves the following question: who’s getting booed louder? Is it A.J. or A-Rod? It was certainly debatable.

But what wasn’t debatable on this night was which pitcher – A.J. Burnett or Roy Halladay – was better. That was clearly Jays ace Halladay. Indeed, the mentor got the better of his former student Tuesday night, as Halladay improved his record to 7-1 with a complete game effort against the New York Yankees.

Just two days before his 32nd birthday, Halladay allowed just one run on five hits while striking out five Yankees en route to the 5-1 Jays win – a win that improved the team’s record to an American League-best 23-12 on the season.

Tuesday marked the first time the Jays had seen the Yankees this year, and they’ve certainly heard a thing or two about that. Skeptics have argued that while a 22-12 record is impressive, it has been compiled without playing any of the top teams in the AL East – namely the Yanks, the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays.

On this night at least, Roy Halladay held the skeptics at bay.

2 Responses to “Burnett vs. Halladay”

  1. red Says:

    werent you at the game? tell those of us not lucky enough, or financially well off enough, to go to the game what the atmosphere was like.

    fletcher described it as the most electric and intense game he had ever experienced at the rogers centre. what would you say?

  2. TD Says:

    It was definitely electric. Check out my most recent post for a bit more detail …

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