Yet another offensive category in which the Blue Jays lead …

One of my favourite stats is the walk-to-strikeout ratio for offensive players. I think it tells a lot about a team – and it’s not rocket science. A high ratio means a team is either doing one of two things (or both): walking a lot and not striking out. It’s genius!

Perhaps, then, it’s no surprise that — statistically speaking — the best offensive team in the American League also currently owns the best walk-to-strikeout ratio — .743 to be exact,  entering action tonight in Los Angeles. Indeed, the Blue Jays, who improved to 20-10 with a 13-1 drubbing of the Angels Wednesday night, have recorded 127 walks and 171 strikeouts en route to a league-best .371 on-base percentage.

Leading the Blue Jays in this category is Marco Scutaro, who owns an impressive walk-to-strikeout ratio of 1.75 (an AL-leading 28 walks compared to just 16 strikeouts). Only Cleveland’s Victor Martinez has a better ratio – 1.78 (16/9) among those AL players with at least 10 walks.

Scutaro has always had relatively decent walk-to-strikeout ratios – entering 2009 the shortstop had a career mark of 0.685 (207/302). But what makes his current number so impressive is that he is drawing walks at a career-high pace. Consider this: entering 2009, Scutaro had an average of just one walk every 11.7 plate appearances. This year, however, he’s averaging a walk every 5.25 PA’s – a remarkable difference.

It’s clear that Scutaro, who is leading off for the first time in his career, is making a conscious effort to draw walks and get on base more for the bigger bats in the Jays lineup. As a final comparison, consider this: It took Scutaro 229 plate appearances to reach 28 walks last year – the same number he has this year in just 147 PA’s. Impressive stuff.

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