Hit parade

It’s amazing what difference a year makes. Last season the Jays’ offense held the team back from making a charge in the AL East, while their pitching was tops in the American League. And now? Despite an injury-plagued starting rotation, it’s now the offense that is not only keeping the club above water, but leading it to the top of the league. No joke.

With Friday night’s 14-0 shellacking of the Chicago White Sox, the Blue Jays now own the best record in baseball – 13-5 through 18 games. So, pitching and defense win ballgames, right?

Every starter scored at least one run on Friday, as the Jays pounded out a season-high 21 hits. Five players had three hits apiece – Marco Scutaro, Vernon Wells, Adam Lind, Rod Barajas and Travis Snider, while second baseman Aaron Hill led the club with three RBIs.

Heading into action on Saturday, the Blue Jays lead the majors with 118 runs scored, 200 hits, 339 total bases, 46 doubles, 111 RBIs and a .511 slugging percentage. They’re also tied with the Cardinals with a .302 overall team average.

It’s unknown how long the bats can keep up this pace. But for now, they’re certainly taking the pressure off the team’s pitching staff. And before you know it, Ricky Romero and Jesse Litsch will be back from the disabled list.

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