Short stop is right …

The Jays lost out on landing shortstop Orlando Cabrera today, as the 34-year-old signed a one-year $4-million deal with the Oakland A’s. Fellow fantasy basketball player and friend Jay Basu suggested bringing Bobby Crosby over. I like it. In the meantime, check out the list of those players who’ve spent time (any time) at the shortstop position since Alex Gonzalez was the full-time guy there (154 games) in 2001 …

John McDonaldcrosby
Marco Scutaro
David Eckstein
Aaron Hill
Troy Glaus
Royce Clayton
Howie Clark
Ray Olmedo
Russ Adams
Jason Smith
Luis Figueroa
Frank Menechino
Chris Gomez
Chris Woodward
Dave Berg
Mike Bordick
Felipe Lopez
Jorge Velandia
Joe Inglett

I think I got everybody.

2 Responses to “Short stop is right …”

  1. Jay B Says:

    what a who’s who of jobbers that list is…
    i don’t blame JP for passing up on tulowitzki for rickey romero, since he had spent 1st round picks on SS in the previous 2 seasons, but how you can be on the job for 8 yrs, and not fill the most important infield defensive position within that time, is inexcusable.

    any idea what they’ve got coming up at short apart from justin jackson?
    if not, what can you tell us about how justin jackson is progressing?

  2. TD Says:

    Yep, Justin Jackson looks to be the next guy coming up. Our man Jeff Blair reiterated this on The Fan yesterday. Apparently he’s a couple years away. I mean, he played his first full pro season last year as a 19-year-old (which makes me feel super old). At Class-A Lansing, he hit .238/.340/.368 in 121 games. And he had a ton of strikeouts (154) compared to 62 walks.

    You can check out his full stat line here …

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