Where’s my money?

The reality is this: Alex Rodriguez is an all-star and future hall-of-famer with or without steroids. Sure, his numbers will be under scrutiny now, just like Barry’s. But, in my opinion, that’s not the biggest issue when it comes to the ‘steroid era.’

It’s the players who didn’t make it to the big leagues as a result of others juicing in the game that stands out to me as the worst outcome of the whole performance-enhancing drug fiasco. And I don’t think we hear about this issue enough. So it was nice to see a piece by Bob Elliott in the Toronto Sun recently in which former Blue Jay Rob Butler voiced his displeasure.

“All the money and potential earnings we lost rubs us the wrong way,” said Butler. “What good has it done my brother (Rich) and I to play the game clean? It’s like we were cheated out of four or five years of major-league money.”

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