Jays acquire Scutaro

The Blue Jays made a deal with the Oakland Athletics on Sunday, acquiring utilityman Marco Scutaro in exchange for minor-leaguers Graham Godfrey and Kristian Bell. The addition of Scutaro provides Toronto with a quality utility option who can play shortstop, second, third and the outfield.

It isn’t out of the question that Scutaro could share a platoon with John McDonald at shortstop in 2008. Though he played second base primarily from 2002-04, Scutaro has spent more time at shortstop than any other position over the last three seasons. Stepping in for the oft-injured Bobby Crosby, Scutaro played 81 games at short in 2005, 69 in 2006 and 43 last year.

McDonald has a definite edge on Scutaro defensively, but the latter offers more on offense. In his four full seasons in the majors, Scutaro has batted .262 with 88 doubles, 28 home runs and 162 RBIs. He also has better plate discipline than McDonald, drawing 85 walks compared to 106 strikeouts over the last two seasons. In 2006, he posted a very solid .350 on-base percentage.

McDonald, meanwhile, owns a career .240 average. Over the last two years, the shortstop has drawn just 27 walks compared to 89 strikeouts. He’s also managed just eight career home runs in 1,376 at-bats.

2 Responses to “Jays acquire Scutaro”

  1. Sang Yong Park Says:

    It is very good move for Jays.

    Scutaros bat is much better than McDonalds and two young players isn’t great prospector.

  2. Chazov Says:

    Сенкс. Р

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