The house that Sal built

With veteran catcher Sal Fasano set for his second game as a Blue Jay Tuesday night, it seems appropriate to point out the following fact:

Caijc9an In parts of 10 big-league seasons, Fasano has managed 46 home runs in 1020 at-bats, an average of one every 22.17 AB’s. Teammate Vernon Wells, meanwhile, has gone deep 145 times in 3333 at-bats during his career, an average of one every 22.97 AB’s.

That’s correct — Fasano, on average, homers more often than two-time All-Star and former Silver Slugger Award winner Vernon Wells. Yet another reason to join Sal’s Pals — Canadian chapter.

Thanks go out to Phil Shubano, who provided ‘The 500 Level’ with this pic. He wants Blue Jays fans to know that Sal’s Pals Canada is in full force and always looking for new recruits down at the Rogers Centre.

One Response to “The house that Sal built”

  1. Says:

    Sals Pals are sweet, gotta love a guy with a thick stache, anyway I’m one of the few ppl with the Overbay gang and I always have a giant neon green O, keep up the blogging and GO JAYS GO!

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